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Therapy & Mentoring


Compassion-Focused Somatic Psychotherapy (CFSP)

Compassion-Focused Somatic Psychotherapy (CFSP) is an integrative approach to therapy that uses body awareness, movement, and dialogue to help you connect with the innate wisdom of your body. With its foundations in ancient yogic philosophy, Buddhist psychology, neuroscience, and contemporary psychotherapy, CFSP offers an opportunity for you to practice embodied present-moment awareness to enhance physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. 

In a world that is complex, fast-paced, and superficially hyper-connected, we often long for deeper connection with ourselves and others. Simplicity is often elusive.  Yet there is an inner wisdom that we can access once we quiet the outside distractions, go slowly, and listen to our inner voice carefully, compassionately, and with curiosity.  The body and heart are always speaking to us. Are you listening? 
CFSP helps you engage in a compassionate dialogue with your body, heart, and mind in a manner that honors all aspects of your experience as it unfolds in the here and now. By learning how to witness yourself with compassion, you can safely explore parts of your experience that are difficult to hold or that have lived in exile. 

CFSP is ideal for anyone that wants to reconnect with themselves and engage in a process of discovery and growth. Inherent in the CFSP process is a deep respect and appreciation for listening to the ways in which our bodies hold our past and current experiences. The memories that we carry in our bodies and in our hearts need careful attention. To honor this process, I work within a trauma-informed approach that emphasizes going slowly, being attuned to your nervous system, cultivating self-compassion, and offering moment-to-moment choices. 

CFSP offers an opportunity to befriend your body, hold difficult experiences with compassion, process traumatic events, relieve stress, and cultivate joy. CFSP helps you understand unique aspects of your nervous system and use this knowledge to develop tools to regulate emotions and cultivate greater balance in your life.  If you are experiencing grief, anxiety, depression, or need to process traumatic experiences, CFSP can help your body and heart release and transform difficult experiences and live with greater ease.

Yoga Therapy & Life Mentoring

Do you have a sense of disconnection in your life and would like to feel better in your body, heart and mind? Do you have an inner knowing that something needs to change but you don’t know what it is?  Yoga therapy and life mentoring can help you connect with your body with the intention to regain improved health and wellbeing. Drawing from yoga’s perennial wisdom and contemporary therapeutic approaches, this holistic healing art helps deepen awareness, cultivate presence, and facilitate inner transformation. 

All yoga therapy and life mentoring sessions offer a tailored experience that begins with a personalized intention for each session. Through assisted postures, exercises, and non-directive verbal cues, we engage in a therapeutic process where you can experience yourself more fully in body, heart, and mind. Using focused awareness, movement, practicing presence, and working with breath, we explore what is happening in your immediate experience. This state of embodied presence facilitates a pre-verbal emotional and mental processing that can bring new awareness and clarity to your lived experience. Toward the end of our session, we then explore the possible ways this awareness connects to different aspects of your life. 

Yoga therapy and life mentoring can offer support for a range of concerns including managing chronic pain, major health difficulties, and mental health conditions. Yoga therapy also supports healthy aging and improves resiliency in coping with stress. As an International Association of Yoga Therapy Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), I have completed extensive specialized training in this field. I am delighted to explore with you how yoga therapy and life mentoring can help you. 

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